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News article5 April 2023European Labour Authority, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion3 min read

Looking for a job? TELUS International share their advice

In this series, we are speaking to European employers to find out their best advice for jobseekers. In this article, we speak to Felomena Kurck of technology company TELUS International.

Felomena Kurck
Felomena Kurck

About TELUS International:

  • global technology company with offices around the world
  • the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Solutions part of the business focuses on creating and enhancing data to improve AI using human intelligence
  • as an employer, TELUS International values diversity and equal opportunities.

About Felomena:

  • works as a Talent Acquisition Manager, managing the resourcing team for AI Data Solutions Europe
  • based in Finland but focuses on recruitment in Finland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Spain.

To find out what TELUS International looks for in its applicants, we asked Felomena and her colleagues what makes a good job application.

From an employer’s perspective, what makes a good CV stand out from a bad one?

An ideal CV:

  • is an easy-to-read PDF of maximum two pages, with clear, short sentences and bullet points;
  • includes a name, location, phone number and local area code, and relevant skills and languages;
  • describes up-to-date work experience and education, including dates and links where relevant;
  • is well tailored to a specific role – a brief introduction or cover letter can also help;
  • is written in English.

Things to avoid include:

  • irrelevant or duplicated information;
  • unclear or long sentences;
  • random formatting (e.g. too many colours);
  • informal photographs.

What are the most effective ways to make a good impression in a job interview?

The best way is to be honest. This aligns with our company values. Make sure you prepare well. Be prepared to present yourself and your work experience, including practical examples, and research the company and position you are applying to.

Be confident. Try to confidently express your achievements and goals, your willingness to learn, and the skills you will bring to the team.

Although CVs should not include informal photographs, we actually like our candidates to dress quite casually in online interviews. Ensure you have the right equipment for an online interview, too.

What are your top tips for someone applying for a job in your profession or sector?

When applying for technical roles:

  • If you want to embark on a career in AI, you need knowledge of programming languages, such as Python, Java and R).
  • Other in-demand skills include natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, data science, analysis and good soft skills – we encourage candidates to be confident in their soft skills, not just rely on their educational background or work experience.

When applying for administrative roles:

  • Knowledge of the sector, experience in the field, relevant education and language expertise are all advantageous.

More generally, be proactive, apply frequently, follow up, and do not be afraid to ask questions!

Do you check a candidate’s social media profile before hiring?

We check a candidate’s LinkedIn profile, so include it on your CV if you have one. We also check academic publications or articles.

What advice do you have for candidates applying from outside your country?

Firstly, make sure you are willing to relocate. If you are applying to jobs in Finland, you may need to apply to companies where Finnish language skills are not required. However, enrolling in classes to learn Finnish will increase your chances of landing a job. Relocating to another country can be hard, so get all the help you can!

Keep an eye on the EURES news page for more advice from employers! You can also read our previous article with TUI Musement.


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