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News article16 January 2024European Labour Authority, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion2 min read

How to craft a compelling elevator pitch as a graduate jobseeker

An elevator pitch is a short and catchy introduction of yourself, your product, or your idea that can grab the attention of your audience. An elevator pitch should be no longer than one minute, and it should highlight your main strengths. As a graduate jobseeker, you can use an elevator pitch to impress potential employers and showcase your education, skills, and potential in a compelling and memorable way.

As a recent graduate, you may not have a lot of professional experience to rely on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from the crowd. By writing and practicing a sharp and concise elevator pitch, you can always be ready to make a great impression. This is all the more challenging if you are applying for a job in another country, so you should prepare your pitch in English or in the language of the country you are applying for.
Here are some tips on how to craft a perfect elevator pitch as a graduate jobseeker:

  • Start with your name, education, and career goal. For example, “Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’m a recent graduate in graphic design. I’m looking for an opportunity to use my creativity and skills to create stunning visual content for various media platforms.”
  • Explain what value you can offer or what problem you can solve. For example, “I have a keen eye for design and a passion for storytelling. I can help you create engaging and effective graphics that can capture your audience’s attention and convey your message.”
  • Mention your relevant achievements or skills that make you stand out. For example, “I have successfully completed several freelance projects, such as designing logos, flyers, and posters for different clients. I have also won a design contest and received positive feedback from my professors and peers.”
  • End with a call to action or a question that invites further conversation. For example, “I’m eager to join a dynamic and innovative team where I can learn and grow as a designer. Do you have any tips or suggestions for me?”

If you don’t have relevant experience, make sure to show your enthusiasm and passion to your employer through concrete examples.  For example, if you want to work in digital marketing, but you have never done it before, you can mention your blog that showcases your digital skills. As a young graduate, you may not have a lot of experience, but you have a lot of potential. You can impress employers by showing your eagerness to learn and grow in their industry. International employers may be willing to overlook a lack of previous experience if you demonstrate your commitment and willingness to learn about other cultures. Your elevator pitch can come in handy in various situations, such as job fairs, interviews, networking events, presentations, and more. Write a short and catchy pitch and practice it out loud. You will be prepared to introduce yourself professionally at any time.


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