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News article5 April 2019European Labour Authority, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

A new life in Lithuania

Paolo Camaioni knew he needed a change. With the support of EURES, he swapped Italy for Lithuania and hasn’t looked back since.

A new life in Lithuania
Paolo Camaioni, 2018

A 31-year old Italian from a rural area in the Abruzzo region, Paolo Camaioni is a man who knows his own mind. After struggling to find work in his native country – and in his chosen scientific field of biotechnology and research – he began looking around for other options. It was here that his past experiences led to a new opportunity to catch his eye.

“While I was studying in Scotland, I became good friends with a couple of Lithuanians,” he says. “A few years later, I went to Vilnius to visit them and I loved the experience. At the time, I wasn’t expecting to end up living here, but while I was searching for job opportunities around Europe I saw an opportunity to come here and decided to go for it. I needed some adventure in my life and I thought this country could offer a lot!”

During his job search, Paolo got in touch with EURES Italy Adviser Anna Bongiovanni. “She was just back from Riga, in Latvia, so she told me a little bit about her personal experience of the Baltics and introduced me to Taxify, a popular app here for moving around. She also told me about some alternative job offers and opportunities offered by the EU.”

Once Paolo had decided to pursue the Lithuanian opportunity he’d found, Anna put him in contact with her colleagues in the country. “EURES Lithuania sent me a form to request financial help from the EU for my travel expenses and a few links for flats,” Paolo shares. “They also gave me some general information about Vilnius – overall, it was very helpful.”

“EURES Advisers are more than happy to talk to you and they have a wide variety of opportunities to offer,” he adds. “Sometimes, when applying for a job, the bureaucracy can be overwhelming but the EURES Advisers have a lot of experience in the field and they can help you with the paperwork.”

Today, Paolo works in customer services for an airline company in Vilnius. While the job might not be in a scientific field, he’s enjoying the work, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and the company of his international colleagues. Living in another country suits him, too. “Every time I have the chance to travel around I feel like a child at an amusement park. There’s a lot to see and I’m really looking forward to exploring the whole country during spring or summer.”

“I’m not really sure about my future,” he says when asked about what his hopes are. “Maybe I should go back and search for a job in the field I’ve studied for, but for now I’m having so much fun with my new life here!”

Paolo’s experience shows life’s capacity to surprise you if you’re willing to try something new. And how the EURES network is a great place to turn for job seekers who are looking for support, information and advice.


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