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News article6 December 2019European Labour Authority, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Young Slovakian couple find opportunity in the Netherlands

Providing access to internships, apprenticeships and full-time positions across Europe, EURES helps young people to find opportunities. After struggling to find a job through online agencies, Petra and Martin turned to EURES for help.

Young Slovakian couple find opportunity in the Netherlands
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“My boyfriend and I love to travel,” Petra explains. “In May [2019], we agreed that we wanted to live as ‘freelancers’ for a few years. To travel, earn money and enjoy life. So we started looking for seasonal work in EU countries.”

During their search, Petra and her boyfriend Martin came across opportunities provided by various agencies, but weren’t happy with the associated fees. Then, a seasonal job in the Netherlands caught their eye. “I didn’t see an agency on the offer, just a contact for Mrs Kubovičová from EURES Slovakia,” Petra explains. “She was a very nice lady who explained everything to us. We sent her our CVs and the necessary information.”

Zuzana Kubovičová has been a EURES Staff member since 2006 and is responsible for communication, cooperation and information exchanges relating to the Netherlands. “I cooperate mostly with Dutch employers and publish their vacancies on the EURES Slovakia website,” she shares. “I also update and translate information about Dutch living and working conditions into Slovak and provide it to jobseekers.”

After receiving Petra and Martin’s job application, Zuzana forwarded their CVs directly to the employer, optimistic that the couple would have a strong chance of getting the job. It wasn’t long before Petra received a response.

“To our surprise, within two to three days, I was contacted by the manager from Gebr. P&M Hermans,” she says. The manager offered the couple a job harvesting flowers for the season, which they happily accepted. In June, after Petra had finished her fourth year at school, they set out for Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands.

The manager offered to pick Petra and Martin up from the airport when they landed, but they decided to explore their new surroundings and make their own way to their new workplace. It was exciting, but they were also nervous about whether the reality of their new jobs would meet their expectations.

Thankfully, they did and the couple thrived alongside about 20 other employees. “The work was hard, but not bad,” Petra recalls. ‘We worked for three months in the summer, we earned money, we met many great people and we gained experience. Everyone was nice and helpful, and the owners very were caring and interested in their employees.”

Petra and Martin remained in the Netherlands after the end of the season and already have plans to return there next summer. “Mrs Kubovičová opened the door to the world for us,” Petra enthuses. “Thank you very much to her and EURES.”

“After the summer, I received an email saying they were very satisfied with the job and will use the EURES services again in the future,” Zuzana explains.

“I’m really happy when I receive this type of feedback from a jobseeker,” she adds. “It makes me feel like I am really beneficial to someone and it’s always nice to know that you helped to make someone’s life a little bit better.”


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