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News article24 October 2019European Labour Authority, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion3 min read

Working in IT in Denmark: Four professionals share their stories

In 2017, EURES Denmark launched ‘My Big Danish Moment’, a series of four short videos on expats living and working in Denmark. In August 2019, after noticing a huge demand for qualified IT specialists in Denmark.

Working in IT in Denmark: Four professionals share their stories

After eight years of working in IT in Romania, Corneliu Ionut Preotu was ready for a new challenge, so he decided to move to Denmark. Now, he works as an IT Security Manager in the dairy industry at Arla Foods. Magdalena Houška, from Croatia, and Alpár Imets, from Romania, came to Denmark around five years ago to pursue software engineering degrees at VIA University College. Today, they both work as Systems Engineers at computer software company Systematic, working specifically on defence projects. Angelo Agatino Nicolosi moved to Denmark 11 years ago from Italy. He works as a technologist in the fashion industry at Bestseller, a clothing company with around 20 fashion brands worldwide.

Why Denmark?

Denmark can be a great place for IT professionals wishing to relocate for a number of reasons. One of the main benefits is that Denmark’s IT industry is innovative and forward thinking. “The IT market in Denmark is very dynamic and progressive at the same time. It’s up to date with progress in the IT world,” Corneliu explains.

For many, the opportunity to study and work in an English-speaking environment is a big advantage. “I had multiple options. I wanted to study in English, and that was an option in Denmark,” Alpár says. He also appreciated the working conditions in Denmark. “I can definitely understand if someone wants to go to Silicon Valley. There are a lot of exciting things going on there. But, what I like about working in Denmark is that, although you are encouraged to work hard and do a good job, it is also discouraged to overwork yourself – not only because it is not good for you personally, but it is also not good for the company,” he continues.

Angelo also appreciates that work–life balance is valued in Denmark, as well as quality of life in general. “I was offered to join Google and Facebook multiple times. But I didn’t want to, because one of the things that is important to me is not only my career, but also the possibility of having a family,” he explains. “The social welfare system you find here in Denmark, you will not find anywhere else in the world. It is very unique,” he continues.

Work culture in the Danish IT industry

When asked about the work culture in Denmark, all four IT professionals mentioned that they felt valued in the workplace. “The thing I like most about my job is the freedom I get in working and making my own choices,” Magdalena says.

Danish companies generally have a flat organisational structure, which means there is very little hierarchy. “Maybe the most important aspect of what brought me and kept me in Denmark is the structure of the workplace. I appreciate being able to talk with my manager directly, without hierarchical steps getting in the way of dialogue. You can speak your mind with your manager and colleagues when you feel like it,” Corneliu explains.

“If you have a really good idea, it doesn’t matter if you joined the company three months ago or you have been here 20 years – you have the same say as everybody else and if your ideas are good, they are going to hit production,” Angelo concludes.

When it comes to career progression, Alpár is optimistic: “You become empowered at work in Denmark, in terms of how you grow and see yourself growing in the organisation, so it fits both you and the organisation.”

Workindenmark, the public employment service which the majority of EURES Denmark Staff belong to, matches highly-qualified candidates with vacancies in Denmark using the EURES portal and the Workindenmark CV bank. It also promotes working in Denmark both online and at job fairs, as well as offering candidates support with preparing their CV and cover letter for the Danish job market.

If you are looking to pursue a career in IT, Denmark might just be the place for you. Why not check out or the EURES portal today to begin your job search in Denmark?


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