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Seasonal work with EURES - information seminar for jobseekers

Activity organized under the information campaign "Seasonal work with EURES". The jobseekers from Gorj county will be informed by the EURES adviser about: rights and obligations on social security of seasonal workers, seasonal job opportunities in other countries through EURES, how to avoid possible risks related to illegal work or lack of information on working in another country, support institutions for seasonal workers. Programme: 9 - 10.30 a.m.

  • labour mobility
  • lundi 20 septembre 2021, 00 h 00 - 23 h 45 (CEST)
  • Tg. Jiu, Romania

Informations pratiques

lundi 20 septembre 2021, 00 h 00 - 23 h 45 (CEST)
Lt. Col. D. Petrescu
Lt. Col. D. Petrescu 1, Gorj, Tg. Jiu, Romania
English, Romanian
EURES Romania - AJOFM Gorj

Personnes de contact

Contact général

Diana Vaduva, EURES adviser

Diana Vaduva, EURES adviser
Adresse électronique
diana [dot] vaduva [dot] gjatanofm [dot] gov [dot] ro
Numéro de téléphone
+40 253211568