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Nordic Perspectives, European (online) Job Day, Finland

Nordic Perspectives, the main EURES recruitment event in Finland 2017. The event brings together employers and companies as well as job seekers and recruitment professionals from all over Europe to share the nordic perspective. The aim is to help employers within the EU/EEA countries to recruit professionals. The event is designed to showcase jobs and to share information to EU/EEA job seekers. We welcome employers and job seekers from all sectors, but are emphasising sectors such as ICT, tourism and infrastructure due to signals from employers that they have vacancies. We welcome you to join us on Valentine's Day 2017 either Online ( ) or Onsite (in Oulu, Hotel Radisson Blu).

  • labour mobility
  • 2017 m. vasario 14 d., antradienis, 00:00 val. - 23:45 val. (CET)
  • Oulu, Finland

Praktinė informacija

2017 m. vasario 14 d., antradienis, 00:00 val. - 23:45 val. (CET)
Radisson Hotel, Oulu, Finland and online
Oulu, Finland
Finnish, English

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Tina Sundqvist

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Tina Sundqvist
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tina [dot] sundqvistatte-toimisto [dot] fi
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+358 2950 56737