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News article8 November 2019European Labour Authority, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion3 min read

French accountant finds new challenge in the Netherlands with Your first EURES job

After spending a year in Madrid and six months in South America, Laurène Moulin had a taste for travel. With the help of Your first EURES job, she embarked on another challenge abroad – in the Netherlands. We spoke to Laurène to hear her story.

French accountant finds new challenge in the Netherlands with Your first EURES job
Laurène Moulin/Remko de Bruin

When she graduated from university, Laurène initially enjoyed six months travelling around South America. Upon her return to France, she again decided to move abroad – this time for work.

Laurène had “always had a taste for a challenge” and was keen to work in the Netherlands, as she had met her Dutch boyfriend during her Erasmus+ exchange in Madrid and wanted to move closer to him.

Laurène’s first EURES job

During an appointment with pôle emploi – the national employment agency that coordinates EURES services in France – Laurène came across Your first EURES job, a scheme for jobseekers aged 18–35.

“I saw a brochure on how pôle emploi could help with searching for a job abroad. I mentioned it during the appointment and was pointed towards a specialist adviser,” Laurène says.

Focused workshops and long-term support

Laurène was able to participate in specific EURES workshops to learn more about the labour market, culture and daily life in the Netherlands.

“She took part in our internal ‘living and working in the Netherlands’ workshop to adapt her CV and cover letter, and we looked for job offers on the EURES portal,” recalls Beatriz Espinosa, the EURES Staff member who supported Laurène. “She quickly found a job and I proposed financial support for relocation through Your first EURES job.”

Laurène found a position as an accountant for Domino’s Pizza. Although based in the Netherlands, Laurène is responsible for financial administration, monitoring and reporting for the chain’s French branches.

“I fully recommend EURES and the Your first EURES job scheme,” she says. “They answer any questions you may have about working and living abroad, and their help and advice is really valuable. I was very well looked after. The follow-ups last up to six months after you begin work, so they are supportive in the long term, too.”

“EURES also provided me with financial assistance when I moved, which made things a lot easier.”

“A great opportunity”

Laurène has enjoyed the relaxed and sociable office culture in the Netherlands. Working in an international team has also helped improve her English in a professional setting, although this was a challenge initially.

“I think the main difficulty I had was the language barrier,” she says. “I don’t know Dutch and I didn’t know much professional English to begin with. You learn very quickly, though, so it’s not a problem. Starting a new life in another country – with a job I liked, too – it was a great opportunity.”

“If you overthink it, you’ll never go!”

The administration involved in moving abroad – registering as a resident, opening a bank account, etc. – can put some jobseekers off the idea. Laurène admits that she had a lot of paperwork, but feels that others should not be discouraged by this.

“Filling out all the documentation is time consuming, but that is only at the beginning of the move. After that, it’s fine,” she says. “Don’t overthink it,” Laurène advises. “If you think about it too much, you’ll never go!”

If you are interested in working abroad in Europe, visit the EURES portal today to explore millions of jobs or contact a member of the EURES Staff in your region.


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