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Finland Works EOJD

Finland Works! Take the opportunity to experience the quality of life in Finland. Stability, security and functionality form the basis of everyday life in Finland. That’s why – Finland Works! During the Finland Works recruitment event on 9th of October 2019 between 10 am and 4 pm (CET), you will have the chance to meet employers from the healthcare, industry, energy and ICT sectors: · Healthcare sector ( medical specialists, nurses and support workers) – take care of your career and make a healthy move! · Industry (for example metalworkers: welding, CNC, machinery) – make a precise move to cut yourself a new career path! · ICT professionals (programmers, coders, web specialists) – develop your professionalism in the real and virtual world! · Energy/Power Industry professionals – put the spark back into your career Aim your career to the next level and challenge yourself to a new career path in Finland!

  • labour mobility
  • 2019 m. spalio 9 d., trečiadienis, 00:00 val. - 23:45 val. (CEST)
  • Lappeenranta, Finland

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2019 m. spalio 9 d., trečiadienis, 00:00 val. - 23:45 val. (CEST)
Villimiehenkatu 2
Villimiehenkatu 2, Lappeenranta, Finland
Finnish, English
EURES Finland
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Finland Works EOJD

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