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Career in Lithuania

The amazing event Career in Lithuania will offer you a great opportunity to start your career in Lithuania and to ensure your relocation to Lithuania as smooth as possible.  EURES specialists, huge list of employers are ready to assist you!  Different experience, knowledge, new opportunities and contacts – all in one place, one day. Completely free!  Don't miss the opportunity to learn about:  Labour market situation Aspects of social security relevant to migrants Job mobility programs providing financial support to employers and jobseekers Job, career and business prospects in Lithuania Let’s meet here on the 5th of May! We are ready to help You!

  • labour mobility
  • 2021 m. gegužės 5 d., trečiadienis, 00:00 val. - 23:45 val. (CEST)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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2021 m. gegužės 5 d., trečiadienis, 00:00 val. - 23:45 val. (CEST)
Geležinio Vilko
Geležinio Vilko 3, Vilnius, Lithuania
English, Lithuanian
EURES Lithuania
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Career in Lithuania

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